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Private event organization

Brigade Volante :
crafting memories, creating emotions!

Do you need to be guided in organizing a private or family event? From receptions to barbecues and wedding anniversaries, our team of experts is dedicated and attentive to your needs. It will be able to support you in creatively organizing your events and benefiting from our extensive industry experience.

Valuable support for the organization of private events

Let our consultants provide a quote tailored to your needs and desires, no matter the type of event you are planning.

  • Family reception
  • Birthday party
  • Children’s party at hime or at one of our partners
  • BBQ, mechoui
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Baptism
  • Funeral service

An organized team, eager to plan each stage of an event’s organization

Well before the reception of your guests, our consultants can guide you through the first steps of your private event.

A service that meets your needs

The Brigade Volante team will put its expertise at your disposal to design, organize and carry out your family event while respecting your deadlines and specific requirements. Let us draw up a personalized quote that meets your needs and desires.

Because every memorable event can benefit from being planned by an expert team!

Brigade Volante at your wedding

We would be honoured to participate in the most important day of your life. We know how precious this moment is and it must be carried out to perfection. Whether intimate or extravagant, Brigade Volante will help you create a menu that charms you. Isn’t this the essence of the moment?

Working with our team is the guarantee of a flawless, worry-free service. Our brigade will put their best foot forward and take special care to make every detail magical.

Will you have multiple children at your wedding? Try our gourmet station. The kids will never leave it.

Brigade Volante at your banquet

Whether you are planning a seated meal for 10 or 1000 guests, our team is committed to impressing your guests with the quality and attention to detail that are at the heart of the Brigade Volante’s values.  Contact us to discuss a custom menu that will perfectly meet your needs.

We can help you prepare your event from A to Z, from furniture rental, to creating a full menu, to quality service.

When it comes to service, our dedicated waiters and waitresses will ensure that guests enjoy their meals at the proper temperature. In addition, the on-site Chef will ensure that each plate meets the quality standards that the Brigade Volante is renowned for, in terms of both presentation and taste.

A chef at home

Seize the opportunity to relax, enjoy and amaze your guests with our Home Chef!

A romantic dinner, a family reunion, an evening with friends… let us take charge of your kitchen and help you organize your event. Our Chef will prepare a gourmet menu made largely of local products. 

On-hand and always ready to impress, our Chef will go the extra mile to create tasty dishes before your guests’ eyes, using ingredients that are carefully chosen based on the seasons and arrivals, while also meeting your expectations.

We arrive two hours before the meal begins. Our team is independent and will orchestrate a tailor-made service, with most of the preparations carried out beforehand at our premises, the tableware can be brought and arranged on request. Once dinner is over, we always leave you with a spotless kitchen.

If you want to experience our service, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information and advice.

Brigade Volante is concerned about the environment and committed to reducing its ecological footprint when carrying out its events.

Want to know more about our private event organization service?

If you have any questions about our private event organization service, don’t hesitate to contact our team! We will be happy to help you create unforgettable moments.