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The Brigade Volante's ready-to-eat meals

Are you tired of busy days? Do you have little or no time to prepare varied meals? Are you in need of inspiration for your meal of the day or your next party?

Our ready-to-eat meals are the solution! They will bring you diversity, flavour and freshness. In addition, since they are delivered in vacuum packaging or oven-safe aluminum dishes, enjoying the dishes prepared by our Brigade is quick and easy.

Find our ready-to-eat products on the menu of the week.

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Ready-to-eat meals prepared with a variety of local ingredients

Our team is always looking for the freshest ingredients to create tasty dishes. And fresh food means locally produced!

We are proud to support several local producers who provide us with fruits, vegetables and many other products grown or prepared right here in Quebec. Moreover, we don’t use any processed foods or trans fats, which allows us to offer carefully selected products of the highest quality.

A constantly updated selection of prepared meals

Since one of the goals of our ready-to-eat meals is to get you out of your food routine, we are committed to regularly redesigning our variety of available dishes.

We do this by featuring seasonal foods and following the principle of market cuisine. You can enjoy all the advantages of a meal ready in a few minutes, but always prepared in a traditional way by a chef in tune with culinary trends.

Want to know more about
the Brigade Volante's ready-to-eat meals?

If all this info is making your mouth water, don’t hesitate to contact our team to find out how you can try our ready-made meals. And if you have any questions about our prepared dishes or various menus, we will happily provide you with all the information you need.