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Brigade Volante’s social engagement

The Brigade Volante team is socially responsible and cares about the environment and your health. Since your health is especially important to us, we offer you tasty and balanced meals.

Our chef takes daily pleasure in studying the food market at home and abroad in a constant search for new culinary trends. Our cuisine evolves on a continuous basis and never ceases to be reinvented, both in terms of the products we use and the flavours we combine. All our recipes are created in collaboration with our nutritionist to ensure an amalgam of healthy foods.

Our food products are chosen according to precise criteria

We focus on local products to encourage local producers and ensure greater food quality and freshness for our customers.

The traceability of our products is crucial for us. It allows us, among other things, to ensure that the cold chain for our food is never broken. It also enables us to track the entire journey of the food that we use in cooking during specific stages of production, processing and distribution. It makes it possible to better assess our products. It ensures greater control of hazards and greatly reduces risk levels. Traceability is needed to track down the source of a food poisoning problem and achieve food safety goals.

Every product that we incorporate in our menus is TRANS FAT FREE and GMO FREE. We use organic meats and our fish are all sustainably sourced.

Surplus food from our customers is redirected to organizations working with people in need at no additional cost.

We use environmentally friendly packaging and detergent products

We work very hard every day to reduce our ecological footprint. At corporate or family events, all of our buffets and cocktail bites are served on genuine china dishes. As for our lunch boxes, we use biodegradable Quebec products. All our packaging is fully recyclable or compostable. 

In addition, we use biodegradable detergents and soaps to clean our facilities.

Better logistics, less pollution

We use refrigerated trucks during our deliveries and we limit our travels by implementing an efficient logistics system.

The importance of a pleasant work atmosphere

We advocate development and good communication. We avoid stress at work as much as possible in order to maintain a balance and increase our employee productivity. We pay close attention to our team’s ideas and needs.

Brigade Volante has set up a growth committee that defines an action plan to make positive changes within the company. We are committed to finding new ways to improve the working conditions of our employees. We are fully aware that the success of our business depends on happiness at work.

An inclusive approach

We regularly work with students who need a first opportunity to learn the chef’s profession during an internship as part of a school program. We enjoy working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to directly help build their self-esteem and increase their sense of belonging in society. Reintegration is an important cause for us. We love difference, being all different ourselves. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination at work. Each human being is unique because of their differences, and this also applies to Brigade Volante.

A safe work environment

The safety of Brigade Volante’s workers is also at the heart of our concerns. As a result, we minimize the risk of injury by providing safe workstation ergonomics.

Want to know more about our services or our social engagement?

If you want more information on our various services or on the methods we use to make a positive difference in our environment, do not hesitate to contact us!