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Food catering services offered by Brigade Volante

At Brigade Volante, we are proud to offer a wide range of food catering services. Each of these services meets the highest levels of requirements for our customers and partners, which has helped us forge an enviable reputation in the food industry.

Business catering service
(lunch and snacks)

Coffee and vending machine service

Consulting service

All services are offered as part of a turnkey approach that requires no responsibility on your part.

All services are offered as part of a turnkey approach that requires no responsibility on your part.

We believe the current popular trend that employees find very pleasant is taking a lunch break in an on-site café area without having to leave to get lunch and being able to choose from a variety of fresh, appetizing products with a nice presentation. The quality of this break contributes to the well-being of employees in the workplace.

We propose setting up shop in your kitchen and offering you a business catering service or setting up a café area with a fresh food service on your premises.

In both cases, we offer inspired cuisine that uses local products as often as possible.

The same high standards across the board

Brigade Volante is highly committed to nutrition and healthy eating. We have a qualified staff who will work with you to develop menus that are varied and diverse.

In terms of food safety, we constantly check all the manufacturing processes of our products in order to guarantee maximum quality. In the development of our concessions, we are committed to making them as convenient as possible.

Management from A to Z

Before the opening, Brigade Volante takes care of the entire creation process. We conduct an analysis of the future establishment based on its location, the flow of people and the number and profile of potential customers. We choose the range of products most likely to satisfy your customers and employees, while taking into account their allergies and their intolerances.

We provide the entire management of the concession. This management provides for the purchase and sale of the products while guaranteeing the best quality/price ratio. It includes one-off promotions to increase turnout, drive sales and optimize the overall atmosphere of our points of sale. Naturally, this management also includes the maintenance and cleaning of the premises.

Food consulting service

Brigade Volante also offers a consulting service for all your business support needs. Owners of food concessions (cafe, restaurant or cafeteria) that require advice to help their business get back on its feet can call on the expertise of Benoit Hogue’s team, who have extensive experience in food service, nutrition and management.

Our advice can cover various food service aspects

  • Recipe standardization in collaboration with our nutritionist
  • Allergen identification
  • Nutritional values (servings, quantities in grams and recommended daily intake percentages)
  • Negotiating agreements with suppliers / Purchasing of products
  • Quality management / Product selection
  • Loss calculation and cost control

We can also offer you training in food management

  • Optimization of procurement processes, receipt and storage of inventory
  • Work organization through the development of food production plans
  • Optimization of work area ergonomics
  • Management support and coaching

The Brigade Volante commitment

Brigade Volante is committed to providing hundreds of meals daily throughout all its activities and is constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate the services we offer our clients.

A vision focused on sustainable development

Our company’s sustainable development and our utmost respect for social and environmental values ​​are at the heart of our activities. This is why our products contain no trans fats or GMOs and are eco-friendly to the greatest extent possible.

Quality and hygiene provisions

In all of our activities, our employees take the necessary steps to provide consumers with balanced, varied and tasty meals while strictly respecting the hygiene and quality standards set by the restaurant industry (MAPAQ).

Brigade Volante has developed a quality management system that stipulates a very strict process, taking into account all stages of meal preparation.

Quality, hygiene, food safety and respect for the environment are at the heart of the group’s concerns

For more information on our food catering and consulting services

If you want to know more about how your company can benefit from the different services offered by Brigade Volante, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to answer you and offer you food catering services that meet your specific needs.