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Our cocktail menu

Whether you want to satisfy your guests’ cravings during a corporate or private event, you can count on the cocktail menu offered by the Brigade Volante. As impressive as they are delicious, the various appetizers, amuse bouches, hors d’oeuvres and other delicacies are always prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

With a focus on the freshness of our products, many of which come from Quebec producers, our chefs are stepping up their efforts to prepare exquisite mouth-watering appetizers for your guests.

Discover our cocktail menu now and offer your guests a unique culinary experience.

Placing an order for a cocktail party

To place an order, simply contact our team at least 48 hours before your event and more if it is a large event. This will give us enough time to stock up and prepare the various bites, verrines, canapés, etc., included in your order.

Appetizer delivery and service

Our team can deliver throughout the Greater Montreal area, Monday to Friday, ensuring that your order arrives on time and that appetizers are served when you need them. For weekend and holiday deliveries, additional charges may apply.

If you have any service needs, our dedicated servers and waitresses can circulate among the guests and introduce them to the various elements of the cocktail menu that you have selected. In addition, a maître d’ will be present on site to ensure that the visual presentation is impeccable.

Changing or cancelling an order

Cancellations are accepted free of charge 72 hours before the time of delivery for groups of 100 guests or less. No decrease or change will be accepted within these hours and no deposit will be refunded.

No credit will be applied on products not consumed. If you wish, the surpluses can be sent, free of charge, to organizations working with people in need.

Our product and price list is subject to change without notice.

Have any questions about our cocktail menu?

If you want more information on the foods and dishes that make up our cocktail menu, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition, you can also inform us of any special requirements you may have, for example, if some of your guests have allergies or food intolerances.

In short, we are committed to providing you with professional support so that your guests enjoy their culinary experience at a cocktail party, meeting or other event that you wish to organize!